What We Do

We offer Robotics and Coding training to children and youth in Cape Town, South Africa


8h00 - 14h30 at schools.  Please contact us for a discounted school pricing.

13h00 - 15h30 at schools on Fridays only.  Please contact us for a discounted school pricing.

Build your own 3D model using design thinking processes.

Train to code  with Scratch and Minecraft.  An exciting way to learn coding through play!  Coding has been proven to improve IQ, enhance problem-solving skills and encourage a perseverance attitude in learners.  No doubt your child would benefit from this important skill. 

Expected output includes; foundation skills on game app development, training of computational thinking, improve on planning skills (strategy & logical thinking) and developing the quality of perseverance while creating or solving a code. For pricing and times click here!

This exciting learning activity offers pupils an opportunity to build their own robot using LEGO Mindstorm EV3, WeDo 2.0 and Simple Machines.  They will then use a computer with the accompanying software to program their robot! Robotics helps children learn how to use their imagination to solve everyday life problems.

 What a sense of accomplishment is felt when one creates something, tests it, and watches it advancing in motion - performing as instructed!  This is how most of our learners feel upon completing their own robots. 

Help your child explore his/her imagination through design. We'll teach them the tools they need to be their own designers, and then help them visualise what they design by building a three- dimensional model of it using 3D printing.

Build anything you can imagine! If you can design it, we can bring it to life!

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